Marble Italia Ltd is a London based company: quarry owner and supplier of bespoke natural stone for commercial and residential projects. We are specialized in Carrara marble and Botticino marble: tiles for flooring or wall coverings, kitchen top, staircase, vanity top, skirting board and more.

Our prices are the most competitive around, as we source our materials straight from the quarries bypassing the wholesaler/retailer. We offer a wide range of natural stone based on the client’s needs and budget.


Exquisite marble...

... a charming jewel in the finest taste

Flawless marble in three small steps…

marble quarry

Marble quarry

Working with celebrated Italian quarries, we co-operate with technicians and marble quarry owners to source the highest quality natural stone.

Once the blocks are mined you can choose to receive the raw material for trading, or send it on to our stoneworkers to be shaped.


manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

The process of moulding marble for construction and design is a skill practised by seasoned artisans. Applying years of experience, these craftsmen cut and form blocks into fine slabs or specific shaped products, reflecting the opulence traditionally associated with Italian marble. Popular for interior and exterior building design, our marbles are also a fine investment for trade.


finished marble

Finished product

Marble and porphyry are versatile materials used by architects and builders in both modern and traditional construction.

In our workshops we can shape the rock for any project, with popular uses including: staircases, bathrooms, flooring, paving, walls, kitchen tops and building facades



  • Bianco Perlino
  • Rosa Perlino
  • Botticino Fiorito
  • Botticino Classico
  • Bianco Carrara
  • Bianco Carrara Gioia
  • Arabescato
  • Statuario
  • Grigio Carnico
  • Rosso Asiago
  • Verde Alpi
  • Beige Alpi

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