Frequently Asked Questions

We own marble quarries of Beige Alpi, Bianco and Rosa perlino marble in Altopiano di Asiago (Italy) and we stock all the slabs in Verona where we meticulously follow the entire manufacturing process at the highest standard. We work closely with Carrara quarries which is our main strength as we can offer very competitive prices as well as a deep knowledge of the marble.

Everything depends on the size of the project. If you require less than 100m2, it usually takes 3 weeks (2 weeks to manufacture and 4 working days of transport from Verona or Carrara to London).
If the project requires, for example, more than 100m2, it takes between 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.
When you order, you will receive the exact timing for delivery.

No we don’t stock tiles. When buying stock of marble tiles, the risk of receiving marble tiles that come from different slab batches is quite common. That’s why once we receive an order we process slabs or blocks which come from the same batch This means that there is no risk that you’ll get marble tiles which present colour variations or different grades of quality. We guarantee you’ll get a first quality selected product at a very competitive price.

Yes we can but only the real one. Carrara’s always been the most known and researched marble in the world. However, these days, the Carrara marble market has become very misleading as other countries are producing similar lower quality products and calling them CARRARA BIANCO, Arabescato, Calacatta or Statuario This also happens with other famous Italian and Spanish marble like BOTTICINO CLASSICO, Dark or light Emperador and TRAVERTINE.
We advise that before making a purchase, you make sure what the country of origin is.

We will advise you how to use or fit the marble, how to select the best stone based on your project requirements and all aspects and characteristic of stones, but we don’t directly provide an installation service. We will give you a list of recommended fitters we collaborate with.

We can supply slabs in different thickness, usually 20 or 30 mm. Marble Tiles can be cut in 10 or 20 mm thickness.

Yes of course. We need to get from you drawings with precise measurements, edge profile type, thickness if 20 or 30 mm, hob cutout, number of tap holes.