Who we are

Marble Italia Ltd is a London based company: quarry owner and supplier of bespoke natural stone for commercial and residential projects. For over 60 years we have been working in our quarries based in Altopiano di Asiago (Italy). As marble supplier we specialize in all kind of stones: tiles for flooring or wall coverings, kitchen top, staircase, vanity top, skirting board and more.

Our prices are very competitive as we source our materials straight from the quarries, bypassing the wholesaler/retailer. We offer a wide range of natural stone based on the client’s needs and budget. We stock all the slabs in Verona where we meticulously follow the entire manufacturing process at the highest standard. We work closely with Carrara marble quarries and this is our main strength as we can offer the most competitive prices around as well as a deep knowledge of the marble.

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Through a direct link between quarries, marble workers and clients, we are able to reduce the time and costs associated with quickly acquiring the stone.

These strong relationships between quarry owners, technicians and stoneworkers allow us to source the finest raw material straight from the source, and mould it precisely.

The transition from basic rock to finished product is complex, so we follow the entire process to ensure it flows and remains unhindered by third parties.

What we offer

Italian quarries are renowned for their high quality marble; Marble Italia allows you to select this premium stone at three different stages of manufacture:

Marble blocks

Once you choose the type of stone you need, the raw material is then mined from a quarry in blocks, where our technicians will test that it meets your requirements.

Quality can be variable depending on your needs, and there are over 30 different types of stone to choose from all over Italy, with each quarry offering its own range

Marble slabs

After removal, blocks can then be taken to stoneworkers for formation into simple slabs. Available in standard market sizes, slabs are then finished using a variety of techniques, including: polishing, brushing and bushhammering.

Fully shaped product

For any project requiring marble or porphyry, we can help with design and choice of slabs. Consult with us to lay out your plans, and work with our craftsmen to achieve the stone specifications for your project.