Statuario marble tiles

Statuario marble tiles

We offer Statuario marble tiles at unbelievable prices.

We don’t keep Statuario marble tiles in stock as when you buy stocks of marble tiles, the risk of receiving products which come from different slabs batches is quite common. That’s why once we receive an order, we process slabs or blocks from the same batch. This means that there is absolutely no risk that you’ll get Statuario marble tiles which present colour variations or different grades of quality. We guarantee you’ll get a first quality selected product at a very competitive price.

Our tiles are expressions of quality, versatility and precision in the use of natural stone. All tiles can be produced with a thickness from 10 to 20 mm, and are bevelled and calibrated. Versatile tiles suitable for a number of applications including Hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and wet rooms.

Delivery: Once you make your order, if you require less than 100m2, it usually takes 3 weeks (2 weeks to manufacture and 4 working days of transport from Verona or Carrara to London).

If the project requires more than 100m2, it takes between 4 to 5 weeks for delivery to London.

Also suitable for underfloor heating as natural stone is a great conductor of heat.

In order to offer a complete service to our clients, we can also produce cut to size projects based on your specific project requirements.

Statuario Marble Tiles


Statuarietto 1
Statuarietto 2
Statuarietto 3
Statuarietto 4

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Statuarietto Venato

Statuarietto Venato 1
Statuarietto Venato 2
Statuarietto Venato 3

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Statuario 1
Statuario 2
Statuario 3
Statuario 4
Statuario 5
Statuario 6

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Statuario Extra White

Statuario Extra White 1
Statuario Extra White 2
Statuario Extra White 3
Statuario Extra White 4
Statuario Extra White 5
Statuario Extra White 6

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Statuario Venato

Statuario Venato 1
Statuario Venato 2

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Square formats

Centimeters Inches
30.5x30.5x1 12x12x3/8''
40x40x1 116x16x3/8''
45.7x45.7x1 18x18x3/8''
61x61x1 24x24x3/8''

Rectangular formats

Centimeters Inches
30.5x10x1 12x4x3/8''
30.5x15x1 12x6x3/8''
61x30.5x1 24x12x3/8''
40x20x1 16x8x3/8''
45.7x20x1 18x8x3/8''
91.4x30.5x1 36x12x3/8''
91.4x45.7x1 36x18x3/8''

Cut to size


In order to give to the customer a full service 360°, we are also able to realize on purpose jobs and particular finishings.