Onyx Marble


Onyx marble is less compact than marble and has natural defects and cracks which are normally filled with polyester resin in order to form a uniform and firmly closed area. Onyx is a natural rock and can differ from block to block depending on where it’s mined. There are many different types of onyx, and colours can vary from blue to white, yellow, green. Onyx is ideal for application in book matched wall projects: luxury hotels, restaurants or private houses. We offer onyx that is cut to size and slabs based on your project requirements and specifications: bathrooms wall, kitchens back splash.

Bianco Onyx Supreme

Blue Onyx

Cappuccino Onyx

Green Onyx

Grey Onyx

Onyx Miele

Onyx Vanilla

Orange Onyx

Pink Onyx

Red Onyx

White Gold Vein Onyx

White Onyx